Should You Offer Your Old Music As Bundles?

Should You Offer Your Old Music As Bundles

If you’ve a load of music that isn’t selling as well anymore, should you offer it to fans in bundles? FMC Policy intern Cody Duncan seems to think so, and thinks it’ll encourage more sales. Here’s an interesting read about bundling your old music together. If you’ve a big back catalog, you may want to consider this:

What Can Musicians Learn from Video Game Bundles?

Tips For Dealing With Rejection As A Musician

Tips For Dealing With Rejection As A Musician

Rejection, unfortunately an all to common part of the music industry. While no one likes getting rejected, if you want to stay in the music game and make a claim for fame (I know, that rhymed), you’re going to have to get used to it.

The manner in which you react to rejection can make or break your chances of a successful music career. With that in mind, have a look at this guide on Praverb Dot Net for some ways to dealing with the rejection of you and your music:

3 Tips to Help Musicians Bounce Back from Rejection

Cheap And Free Music Marketing Strategies For Independent Musicians

Cheap And Free Music Marketing Strategies For Independent Musicians

One of the things I often hear is that the lack of fund hinders musicians from promoting their music properly. While a lack of money can affect what you can and cannot do in terms of marketing, it shouldn’t be a reason not to do any promotions at all!

There are plenty of things you can do which involves little or no cost, some of which can be seen in the following guide from Christine Infanger on Independent Music Advice. Have a look, and let me know of any other free or cheap music marketing methods you can thing of:

How to Market Your Band With Little Or No Budget

How To Make Fans Your Music Marketing Team

How To Make Fans Your Music Marketing Team

This is a continuation from yesterday’s post on cheap ways to market your music.

As I’m sure you know by now, marketing your music is an essential process if you want to play with the big boys. How much money you make and how many fans you get can be directly linked to how well you market your music.

In an ideal world, you’d be able to pay a professional music marketing team to push your sounds. Most independent musicians however simply don’t have the budget to make that happen.

An alternative? Getting your fans to help with your marketing! If you want to know how to do that, check this guide by Shaun Letang on the Vakseen website. You’ll pick up some top tips here:

How To Get Fans To Help Promote Your Music Career

How To Find And Keep Your Ideal Music Fan

how-to-find-and-keep-your-ideal-music-fanWe’ve all heard different bands or artists be accused of ‘selling out’ before, but what does this really mean?  Artistically, isn’t the idea to appeal to people?  At what point does making changes to your music or personal style cross the line from being appealing to actually becoming a sellout?

These can be difficult questions to answer, but they are important ones for anyone looking to make a career in the music industry.  Knowing how to properly shape and guide your artistic impulses into the creation of tracks that will be commercially successful is at the heart of the business.

David Hooper explores these same questions during a podcast which can be heard over at Music Marketing here:

Music Marketing Podcast #7 – How to Find (and Keep) Your Ideal Fan

5 Advanced Social Media Tips For Musicians

5-advanced-social-media-tips-for-musiciansOne often forgotten adage of the online marketing world is that ‘Content is King’, and you should never forget that this aphorism applies just as equally to artists and musicians as it does to anyone else.

This means that you should be going out of your way to present interesting and useful content to those who engage with you in the online realm; always be giving them value, and focus on consistently stimulating and interacting with them.

The GM, Director of Marketing, and President of Sneak Attack Media have collaborated on a post that emphasizes this point, which can be read on the Tunecore blog here:

Social Media Isn’t a Megaphone, it’s a Place to Create a Conversation

How To Have A Good Interview As A Musician In 78 Quick Steps

how-to-have-a-good-interview-as-a-musician-in-78-quick-stepsInterviewing with the media can be incredibly tricky for many bands, artists, and musicians.  Not everyone has that sort of in-your-face larger than life personality that works well in interviews!  For these people, their brushes with the media can often turn into painful experiences that can damage them professionally.

Instead of letting this happen to you, learn how interviews have the potential to really boost your career instead, if handled correctly.  There are all sorts of things you can do to help pull off fantastic media interviews.

Bob Baker investigates this topic in more detail in a podcast with Katie Shorey, which can be found here:

78 Media Interview Tips w/ Katie Shorey

6 Youtube Promotion Tips From Rob Scott

6 Youtube Promotion Tips From Rob ScottYouTube has proven an immensely powerful platform to help individual musicians and artists get their content and vision out to the general public.  However, success on YouTube can be elusive at times; what makes some videos huge wins, while others just languish there, never seeming to attract attention?

There are some specific things you can do in order to increase your chances of success while on YouTube, and some other actions you should avoid.   Tinker with your video frequency, experiment with cover songs, raise your personal brand awareness and develop strategic partnerships; all this and more is possible.

Benjy Jean Baptise, an intern over at the Music Think Tank has a lot more to say on the subject, and you can read all his thoughts here:

6 Key Tactics For Organic Success on Youtube From Hip-Hop Artist Rob Scott

How To Sell More CDs At Gigs AND Get Venues To Re-Hire You

How To Sell More CDs At Gigs AND Get Venues To Re-Hire You

For some reasons, restaurants can sometimes get a bum rap when it comes to musicians and artists; some people just don’t seem to enjoy it.  Others report difficulties with their merchandising efforts in this venue that they don’t experience elsewhere.

These people are missing the big picture though.  If you have the right mindset, and approach a restaurant gig as an opportunity to partner with the business and promote both of you effectively, you can often get a lot of mileage out of these simple gigs (and decent pay too, as they will love to have you back again and again.)

User nifty has a great post on how you can get better results with your own merch and also really do well with restaurant gigs here, on Music Full Time:

WARNING: Only Read If The Venue You’re Playing Sells FOOD.

7 Spammy Actions You May Be Doing As A Musician Without Realizing (Read And Stop)

7-spammy-actions-you-may-be-doing-as-a-musician-without-realizing-read-and-stopEveryone hates spam.  If you misunderstand the principles of social media and end up sending spammy content out across the interwebs, you’re likely to end up shooting yourself in the foot as far as reactions from potential fans may go.

The different social media platforms available have provided the average musician with a multitude of tools and methods they can use to effectively self-promote; invest in learning how to do so properly, or you will end up risking being labeled as just another spammer.

Erik Peterson from Plugola, Inc., discusses this very issue in one of their most recent blog posts, which can be read here:

The Musician’s Spam Addiction

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