Free Ebook: Youtube Tell Musicians How To Make The Most Of Their Platform

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Free Ebook Youtube Playbook Guide for Music

While I’ve shared other Youtube marketing guides in the past, the one I’m about to share with you today was actually written by Youtube themselves. Because of this you know it’s something that’s worth paying attention to!

Youtube has released a free ebook specifically for musicians and music industry folk, telling them how to marketing their music on Youtube (I’ll show you the download link in a minute). Subjects they cover include ‘Optimizing for Better Discovery’, ‘Releasing an Album or Song’, ‘Content Upload Frequency’ and more.

This is a great free pdf ebook from Youtube, and it’s a nice change to see a big company coming out with a guide like this. You can download this free ebook and brush up on your Youtube marketing skills here (If you appreciate this Youtube marketing guide for musicians, be sure to share this page with other too):

The Official Youtube Playbook Guide for Music

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