Are You On The Right Path In Your Music Career? Find Out Here!

Are You On The Right Path In Your Music Career

Ever wondered if you’re on the right path in the music industry but had no way of finding out? Well that’s all about to change with this recently released quiz by Music Industry How To! Made to give you an idea of how music business savvy you are, you can take it now and see where you are:

Quiz: How Likely Are You To Succeed In The Music Industry?

6 Common Bad Habits You Need To Avoid As A Musician

6 Common Bad Habits You Need To Avoid As A Musician

As a musician, bad habits can kill your music career. After all, if you keep doing the same thing over and over for years but they’re the wrong things, you’re not going to go very far are you.

With that in mind, here are 6 bad habits a lot of musicians are guilty of. If you find you do any of them, break the habit asap:

6 Bad Habits Most Musicians are Guilty Of

Tips For Dealing With Rejection As A Musician

Tips For Dealing With Rejection As A Musician

Rejection, unfortunately an all to common part of the music industry. While no one likes getting rejected, if you want to stay in the music game and make a claim for fame (I know, that rhymed), you’re going to have to get used to it.

The manner in which you react to rejection can make or break your chances of a successful music career. With that in mind, have a look at this guide on Praverb Dot Net for some ways to dealing with the rejection of you and your music:

3 Tips to Help Musicians Bounce Back from Rejection

One Man’s View On How Twitter #Music Can Benefit Artists

one-mans-view-on-how-twitter-music-can-benefit-artistsAs you may be aware, Twitter recently debuted their new music service and app.  What remains to be seen is whether or not this will have a large impact on the music market in general, or whether this will be just another blip on the radar.

There is some interesting functionality at play here; the ability to stream at least the first 30 seconds of your tracks directly to potential users is of course nice, and there is also a whole section of the service set aside for new and emerging artists, which is also quite cool.

The folks over at Indie Artist Management have their own opinions on how the new #Music can potentially benefit artists.  You can check out their thoughts on the subject here:

How Will Twitter #music Benefit Indie Artists?

3 Ways To Increase The Likeliness You’ll Get Booked For Gigs

3 Ways To Increase The Likeliness You'll Get Booked For Gigs

Ever sent out a mass email to event organizers looking for gigs, only to not get many (If any) responses back for your efforts? Then you really need to read the following guide.

The below guide by Alec Plowman on Dotted Music looks at why the above strategy isn’t good for landing yourself gigs, and what you should be doing instead. As with many great music marketing lessons, the emphasis is on relationship building. So have a look, and put into practice what you learn for an increased chance of landing shows to perform at:

Why Networking Should Come Before Gigging

Local Networking Tips For Musicians

Local Networking Tips For Musicians

To a lot of people, networking simply means entering a room full of people with similar interests and businesses to you, talking to whoever’s up for it, and looking over your shoulder to see if there’s anyone even more ‘important’. What I like about the guide I’m going to share with you today though is it focuses on building real genuine relationships that will benefit you for the long-term.

As writer David Roberts mentions from early:

This isn’t about pushing your own sh*t, it’s about talking to other HUMAN BEINGS about the thing you love so much: music.

If you want some top tips for local networking, I advise you check this out:

Local Networking for Musicians

5 Mistruths About The Music Industry Broken Down

5 Mistruths About The Music Industry Broken Down

I’ll be the first to say there is a LOT of bad information being shared with musicians like yourself. That’s part of the reason I created Music Marketing World, so I can hand pick out the best music marketing guides on the web and give them to you without all the poor ‘guides’ getting in the way.

That said, while I’ve share with you some of the best guides around, I haven’t done anything to break down some of the common mistruths of the industry. Handy then that this guide presented it’s self.

The following is a article by Cheryl B. Engelhardt and Ari Herstand on the DIY Musician (CD Baby) blog. It looks at some common assumptions about making it in the music industry, and breaks down why many aren’t as important as they’re made out to be, at least when starting out. Have a read:

5 Music Biz Myths Debunked

How To Make A 3D Logo For Your Band Or For Rappers / Singers

How To Make A Logo For Your Band Or For Rappers And Singers

The way you present yourself in your music career is all important. While your music will do a lot of the talking, your image, artwork, and things you say also determine the way people see you. It’s because of this that you need to get this side of things right.

One aspect of your image is your band’s logo (Or your logo if you’re a solo singer / rapper / producer).

Want to know how you can make a cool 3D logo for free? You’re in luck! In the below video Trev Fury shows you how to use a free piece of software to make a great looking logo. You don’t need to have great technical know how, you just need to be able to follow instructions as they come up.

If you end up using this method to make your logo, leave a link to it in the comments below so we can all see. 🙂

But anyway, here’s the logo making guide for musicians step by step:

Advice From Derek Sivers, The Founder Of CD Baby

Advice From Derek Sivers The Founder Of CD Baby

When it comes to knowing who to listen to in the music industry, it’s not always easy. That said, I’ve never ever heard anyone refer to Derek Sivers as someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s because of this that when I stumbled across the following interview I simply had to share it.

For those that don’t know, Derek is the founder of top distribution company CD Baby. While he has since sold the company, he’s still very involved in and knowledgeable about the music industry.

This interview is taken from Bobby Owsinski’s Music 3.0 book (Also comes in Kindle edition), and gives loads of great incites for musicians looking to further their career. It’s a great read, so you might want to check it out:

An Interview With Derek Sivers

How To Balance The Creative And Business Sides Of The Music Industry

How To Balance The Creative And Business Sides Of The Music Industry

While this isn’t a hard fact I’ve tested or read anywhere, from what I’ve seen the majority of musicians get in the game to make music. Because they love it. Usually the whole marketing side of things is an after thought, and something they see they need to do once they’ve been doing music for a little while. That said, both sides of things (The creative and the business) are essential if you want to build up your fan base and make money from your art.

So how can you strike up a nice balance between the two? And how much time should you spend on the creative side of your music compared to the business side of things? David Hooper looks at exactly this in the below podcast.

If you have similar questions and want to know how to get a good balance, I suggest you have a listen:

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