Music Industry Lessons From Bandzoogle’s Dave Cool

Music Industry Lessons From Bandzoogles Dave Cool

Ok, so normally I don’t share written interviews on here. Mainly because they’re often self promotional in nature, and because they often cover things which won’t work if you were to try and replicate the person’s success.

That said, this interview of Dave Cool over at Bandzoogle is one worth reading! In it he gives you valuable lessons based on the music industry, and looks at how you should be navigating it as a musician. A top read which I totally agree with:

Building a Career in the New Music Industry: An Interview with Bandzoogle’s Dave Cool

When Making A Song, Does The Vocal Recording Quality Matter?

Does The Quality You Record Your Vocals For A Song Matter

This is a discussion I’ve had with many musicians over the year, and one that I thought it best I share it with you all. So, does the quality of your vocal recordings matter when making a song? If your friend’s home studio they put together for a few hundred dollars good enough to make songs which you plan on releasing to the public?

If you want the answers to these questions and to find out why I feel what I do, check out this guide I wrote on Music Industry How To a few months ago:

Home Studios Vs Professional Studios, Where Should You Record Your Music?

Music Marketing Tips For Musicians And Music Industry Entrepreneurs

Music Marketing Tips For Musicians And Music Industry Entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever wanted to make the transition from musician to musician and music industry entrepreneur, this is a guide you simply need to read. In it you’ll get advice from 30 music industry entrepreneurs, all letting you know what they think the most important things are when starting out.

You can see their views over on Venture Harbour:

30 Pieces of Advice From Music Industry Entrepreneurs

360 Deals, And Some Things You’ll Want To Consider Before Signing One

360 Deals And Some Things You'll Want To Consider Before Signing One

360 record deals are becoming an increasingly popular deal being offered to musicians making a name for themselves in their genre. That said, there’s a lot of negitive talk about these deals, claiming they’re unfair for the artist and should be avoided.

The following guide on Digital Music News however shows you how you could make any potential 360 deal more fair for you. If you eventually want to be signed to a record label, this is a must read guide:

How to Avoid Getting Completely Screwed by a 360 Degree Deal…

Making Money Getting Nursing Home Gigs And More

Making Money Getting Nursing Home Gigs And More

Recently I shared a guide which looked at a load of ways you should be making money with your musical skills. Today I’m going to share with you an interview of a musician who’s doing just that!

Meet Jason Wells. Other then making music, he does gigs at nursing homes, teaches acoustic guitar to students, and whatever else he needs to to make money from his music.

If you want to become a full time musician, you need to take full advantage of all the income streams available to musicians. For a bit of inspiration and to hear someone who’s already putting this into practice, have a listen to the below interview:

From Nursing Homes to Press Releases with Jason Wells

6 Things Musicians Won’t Learn In Music School

6 Things Musicians Won't Learn In Music School

While school is a great place to pick up life skills, it’s less useful for picking up relevant music business skills. There are certain ways you should handle things in the music industry, and unless you’ve got experience, you’re usually left to find things out there hard way… That is unless you read the below guide by Simon from Last Stop Booking that is!

Have a look for 6 things you didn’t learn about the music industry at school. After that, check out this list of top online music schools for some more things you need to know about the music industry:

6 Things Musicians Should Know That They Don’t Teach You in Music School

How Does Music Publishing Work? A Simple Look For Musicians

How Does Music Publishing Work

Music publishing is a great way to make money from your music. That said, a lot of musicians and songwriters still don’t understand exactly how they can make money from publishing their music. Yes you can record and sell your music, but there’s a lot more you can do with your published music then just that.

Want to find out all the ways you can make money from your songs? Then download and read this short ebook from CD baby. It does a good job of simplifying what publishing music actually involves, and how you can benefit from it:

Music Publishing 101

Not Making Much Money From Your Music? Here’s Possible Reasons Why

Not Making Much Money From Your Music Heres Possible Reasons Why

Making money from your music career is the aim of a lot of musicians. But if you’ve been making music a while now and aren’t managing to get into profit, why is that? This is what Tom Hess looks at in the guide I’m about to share with you.

First though, the two main points that stood out for me were:

  1. Not having just one source of income for your music career. Most full time musicians have multiple smaller sources of income which form to make one bigger source. You can see a list of music related incomes here.
  2. Thinking having more fans will lead to more income. This isn’t always the case; you often need to focus on quality.

Anyway, you can read the full guide on Music Marketing [dot] com here:

Why Most Musicians Don’t Make Money

Why You Shouldn’t Be Bitter When Things In The Music Business Don’t Go Your Way

Why You Shouldnt Be Bitter When Things In The Music Business Don't Go Your Way

Fact: Things in the music industry won’t always go your way. Throughout your career, you’ll face rejection from other musicians, companies, and people who you wanted to turn into fans. It’s just the way it is.

Now from here, you have two choices. You can either become bitter, or you can be better. But which will you choose?

A look at what each involves and a hint as to which you should go with can be found here:

Bitter or Better: The Two Types of Artists

Music Placement In Adverts: Non-Exclusive Agreements Vs Exclusive Agreements

Music Placement In Adverts Non-Exclusive Agreements Vs Exclusive Agreements

So you want to submit your music for potential placements in an advert. But should you be going for a non exclusive agreement or an exclusive one? And what’s the difference?

This is what Andy Kykens looks at today on Music Think Tank. While the theory can take a little bit of time to get your head around, it’s worth sticking with if you seriously want to get some of your music used in adverts and the like. He also gives a top tip for approaching an ad agency, so read on to the end to see what that is:

Do Non-Exclusive Agreements Earn More From Music Placements?

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