How Does Music Publishing Work? A Simple Look For Musicians

How Does Music Publishing Work

Music publishing is a great way to make money from your music. That said, a lot of musicians and songwriters still don’t understand exactly how they can make money from publishing their music. Yes you can record and sell your music, but there’s a lot more you can do with your published music then just that.

Want to find out all the ways you can make money from your songs? Then download and read this short ebook from CD baby. It does a good job of simplifying what publishing music actually involves, and how you can benefit from it:

Music Publishing 101

Free Ebook: Youtube Tell Musicians How To Make The Most Of Their Platform

Free Ebook Youtube Playbook Guide for Music

While I’ve shared other Youtube marketing guides in the past, the one I’m about to share with you today was actually written by Youtube themselves. Because of this you know it’s something that’s worth paying attention to!

Youtube has released a free ebook specifically for musicians and music industry folk, telling them how to marketing their music on Youtube (I’ll show you the download link in a minute). Subjects they cover include ‘Optimizing for Better Discovery’, ‘Releasing an Album or Song’, ‘Content Upload Frequency’ and more.

This is a great free pdf ebook from Youtube, and it’s a nice change to see a big company coming out with a guide like this. You can download this free ebook and brush up on your Youtube marketing skills here (If you appreciate this Youtube marketing guide for musicians, be sure to share this page with other too):

The Official Youtube Playbook Guide for Music

How To Market Yourself As A DJ

How To Market Yourself As A DJWhile I used to think this site was read exclusively by vocalists and music managers, it’s come to my attention that producers, promoters and Djs also read this site looking for the latest music marketing tips. It’s because of this that today I want to provide the disk jockeys of you with some cool marketing tips you can use to forward your Djing career.

The below is a free PDF ebook provided by the DJ Lounge NL gang. It contains some great information on creating that killer mix and getting your name out there, so give it a look and see what you can apply:

DJ Marketing Bible Free PDF Download

Free Ebook: The Independent Musician’s Survival Guide – Free For 2 Days Only

Free Musician Ebook

Ok, just a quick one for you. The top rated ‘Independent Musician’s Survival Guide’ is free to download for a limited time only! If you’re an independent musicians looking to get to grips with how the music industry works and what you need to do to take your music career to the next level, you 110% need to read this book!
You can download the full thing here below, but hurry, as you’ve only got till the end of the 12th of February 2013 to do so:

Get My Book Free Till 11:59pm PST Tuesday The 12th Of February 2013 (2 Days Only)

After that it goes back to being sold for it’s normal price, so get it asap.

Singing Tips For Studio, On Stage, And Practice Sessions

Singing Tips For Studio, On Stage, And Practice Sessions

Ok, so while this site is mainly about music marketing, I thought this free ebook from the Disc Makers team would be useful for some of you. It looks at how to improve your vocals in terms of warming up your voice, record vocals in the studio, and performing live.

If you need help with this side of things, check out the excerpt via the below link, and if you think it’ll be useful download the rest of the guide:

Singing Tips – A Vocal Warm Up Is Key To A Great Vocal Performance

How To Make A Better Music Website In 12 Steps (Free Ebook)

How To Make A Better Music Website In 12 Steps

Ok, so you’ve made a music website in record time. But how do you ensure you’re giving fans what they want on your website? That you’re not unintentionally doing things to annoy them and drive them off your site for good?

Music website experts Bandzoogle know all about the common mistakes musicians make when putting their site together, and have released a free ebook showing you how to make a much better and less annoying site. Take these tips on board when putting your site together, point one is especially important in my eyes:

Quick Fix! 12 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Band Website

Free Ebook: Music Career Killers

Music Career Killers Free Ebook

Ever wanted to know what some of the most dangerous things you could do in your music career are? Those mistakes that are made which you’re not sure you’ll ever recover from? We’ll now they’ve all been listen out in the form of the ‘Music Career Killers’ ebook which is available to download for free!

Why are we telling you these career killers? Simple, so you can avoid them and do things right the first time around!

This ebook is written by Chris Rockett, and is posted on Independent Music Advice. You can download the full thing here for free right now:

Free Music Business Ebook: Music Career Killers

How To Get More Publicity For Your Music

10 Music Publicity Hacks You Can Use Right Now

Without a doubt, getting media attention in your music career is all important. While interacting with fans on a personal level is all good, when it comes to reaching new fans, reaching as many people as quickly as possible is the best way to go. Media outlets can help you do this.

If you want to learn more about getting media publicity, you may want to check out the free ebook ’10 Music Publicity Hacks You Can Use Right Now’ by CD Baby and Story Amp. While it mentions you can use Story Amp to do many of the mentioned things, you can also do it without them and with a small to non existent budget. So check it out:

Free Ebook: 10 Music Publicity Hacks You Can Use Right Now

The $100,000 Musician (Free eBook)

The 100,000 Musician Book

Want a free book which will (Hopefully) make you more money from your music career? That’s what David Hooper is offering in the form of a new ebook which is to be released in January 2013.

The book is currently called ‘The $100,000 Musician’ (Title may be changed), and is a guide letting musicians know how to make a living from their music career.

As a thank you to his readers, he’s offering a free download of the digital version of this book to those on his mailing list. Want to get your free copy instead of paying the full price? Then check out his post below:

Disclaimer: I haven’t read this book personally and don’t have much info about it, but being someone who’s read a load of David’s other writing, I’m sure it’ll be great.

$100,000 Musician Book – November Update

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