Alternative Ways To Make Money In The Music Industry

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To Make Money In The Music Industry

We all know it can take a while to start making money from your music, and many choose to get a day job till their music is earning enough to live off. But what if you could do something you enjoy in the music industry that isn’t necessarily performing songs as such?

This is what Chris Rockett from Promote Your Music looks at today in this interview with DubTurbo founder Norb Czufis. For those that don’t know, DubTurbo is cheap music production software that sells like hot cakes. Needless to say, Norb probably never has to work a day job again.

You see see this full video interview and write below. I hope it inspires you to get earning in the music indsutry:

How To Finance a Music Career & Achieve Complete Creative Control

Note: The above link to the Dubturbo software is an affiliate link. If you buy through it I gain a small commission. This doesn’t affect the price you pay, and isn’t my reason for recommending it. It’s genuinely a good piece of software. If you get it I’m sure you’ll agree. 🙂

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